Please review all of our policies if you are applying.

Guild Conduct – how we act
Guild Bank – giving and receiving
Guild Raiding – our fellowship in raids
Guild Rank – knowing the ranks
Guild Conduct

As a Christ centered guild we expect that every member will act according to the teachings of Christ. Namely, being humble, honest, faithful, forgiving, repentant and full of love, and careful in use of words. In addition we expect our members to communicate any challenges or concerns to guild leadership right away.

Anyone acting outside of these bounds will be eligible for a demotion or removal from the guild immediately.

Guild Bank

Deposits: All Deposits will go into the Intake tab, which is the first tab you see when you open our guild bank. Please deposit only items that are found in the Cataclysm expansion. Most rare and all common gear will be disenchanted and the resulting mats places back into the bank. All items deposited are subject to being placed on AH by the Guild Bank Committee and the profits deposited back into the bank. Gold is helpful for guild repairs, pots and flasks, gems, enchants, among other things.

Withdraws: When you access our guild bank you will see a daily limit for withdraws on each tab. If you need an item that goes beyond your daily limit or is in a tab you do not have access to, please communicate your needs to guild leadership.

Repairs: Repairs have been opened up for Soldier and above. You will be able to repair daily for up to a certain amount, so use it wisely.

Abuse: If at any point evidence is clear that you or someone on your account is abusing our guild bank you will be eligible for demotion or removed from the guild.
Guild Raiding

Who may Raid?

Anyone in the guild that is of appropriate level/gear may raid with SotC by signing up for the run on the in game calendar. At times, guild leadership may bring in members that do not meet the rank or gear requirements or are even outside the guild to accomplish the goals for a particular run. In such events, loot distribution restrictions may apply and are at the discretion of guild leadership.

When will Raids be?

Raids will be posted on the in game calendar by a member of guild leadership.
The majority of our raids will take place during the evening and more likely on weekdays or Saturday.
If there is a time conflict for your available times, please communicate with guild leadership.

How is the final Raid Roster selected?

Every raid will have a roster which you can see in the in game calendar.
Members that signup first and are of the appropriate gear/skill have priority.
Guild leadership can and may use discretion on selecting the final roster for any content.

Who may Lead a Raid?

Anyone is welcome to setup and lead a raid by communicating with our leadership team.

How will Loot be Distributed?

All members of the raid that can upgrade on an item will /roll and the winner will receive the loot.
The general rule is one need roll unlimited main spec upgrades and unlimited off spec upgrades.
Main Spec Rolls will be as follows: Priority goes to Main characters, then Alternates. One NEED roll unlimited Main Spec Item rolls are available per Raid ID.

Off Spec Rolls will be as follows: Priority goes to Main characters, then Alternates. Unlimited Off Spec Items are available per Raid.

Open Rolls will be as follows:You may do what you want with the item.All Unneeded gear will be disenchanted and deposited in the guild bank.

What if I’m unsure if I can make a particular Raid but I want to signup?

You may signup on the in game calendar and you will be considered a possible candidate.
* gear score refers to the total of gear and enchants from the website.

Guild Rank


All promotions are at the sole discretion of our leadership team.
If a member is curious about a promotion they are more than welcome to communicate with our leadership team about it.


Any observation of a member swearing in general/trade/guild/raid/voice chat reported to and verified by leadership will be grounds for demotion.
Any complaint about ninja’ing or the like in a group/raid that has sufficient evidence will be grounds for demotion.
Any evidence of a member stealing from the guild is grounds for demotion.
All unpleasant attitudes can result in a demotion or possible removal from our guild.
All demotions also are grounds for possible removal from our guild.


If a member quits the guild and wishes to return they will enter as an initiate and progress in rank as if they were a new member. Their re-admittance is at the sole discretion of guild leadership.

Rank 1 – New Member

All new members will be at this rank for a period of at least one week.
This is an introductory phase where the new member must show forth fruit that is becoming of the population and standards of SotC.
They will not have access to withdraw from the guild bank.
No alts are allowed at this rank.

Rank 2 – Initiate

A New Member will be promoted when the member has demonstrated an ability to communicate and an interest in working together toward our common goal.
They will have access to withdraw from the Misc Items tab of the Guild Bank.
You are allowed to have unlimited alt’s in the guild.

Rank 3 – Alternate

These are members additional characters “alts”.
The maximum alts per rank go as follows:
New Member – Zero alts
All other Ranks are allowed unlimited alt’s.
They will have limited access to withdraw from the Guild Bank.

Rank 4 – Soldier

Soldier is an earned rank, not simply a time-in-grade system.
Once a new member has show leadership that they are actively engaged in in the forum and/or activities of the guild they will be promoted to Soldier.
They have access to withdraw from most tabs of the guild bank.
They are allowed to have a unlimited alts in the guild.

Rank 5 – Veteran Soldier

These members have been with us for over six months (cumulatively) and have demonstrated an ability to both give and receive knowledge.
They play a large role in aiding leadership with the task of maintaining our guild’s integrity.
They have access to withdraw from nearly all of the bank tabs.
They are allowed to have a unlimited alts in the guild.

Rank 7 – Officer

These members are the core of the guild – they have been around for at least 6 months and have shown an ability to lead and be compassionate.
Their word carries the weight of the GM they function to increase the guild in size, strength and progression.
They have an obligation to their fellow brothers and sisters to set an example that will bring forth good fruit.

Rank 8 – GM

This member is here to serve the community without sacrificing his personal life, set an example and facilitate the growth of the guild.